Estufa Fria, Lisboa

Jardin Botanique, Estufa Fria Parque Eduardo VII, 1070-051 Lisbonne, Portugal


7 janvier 2018. When I think about leaving this city I feel so at ease in, I think about leaving the only part of me that I could ever stand. I think about leaving feelings I could easily get used to, being myself, being enough. I think about saying goodbye to people that I will…


31 décembre 2017. As I’m flying above the clouds, I realize how vain everything I consider important really is. Nothing matters while I’m here, thousands meters in altitude above the ground, there’s no pressure or expectations and I appreciate this feeling as long as it lasts. In this short lapse of time when I look…

Does it get easier?

« If this is the only life, then why am I not just doing everything I want to? » James Franco 28 octobre 2017. It will probably not make any sense to you, but it does to me. I think I finally know what’s wrong. Things are not as great as I pretend them to be. Mostly…

Simple things